Friday, 7 March 2014

Sudden Prose Reprints: Andrea Scarpino's "With Lines from Nâzım Hikmet"

With Lines from Nâzım Hikmet

The poplar with its silver leaves as if a welcome light: come here, follow me. You did as you were told, took a flower from his casket's face. How long, this Earth? A star among stars / and one of the smallest. How long this silver light? Once there was a girl, a father, basil plants, chickadees, mourning doves. Even opossum. Even deer. Then there was a grave, sunflower cut, pressed hard to metal, mahogany. Turned from light. This earth will grow cold, Hikmet said. Will roll along / in pitch-black space. Once there was a father, daughter, ground for silver leaves, air for sparrow flight. Flowers opened recklessly. Then there was a grave.

Andrea Scarpino
Once, Then (Red Hen Press, 2014)

In the UK you can purchase Once, Then online at Foyle's, and in the US, directly from Red Hen Press.