Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Nassau Review's Prose Poetry and Flash Fiction Contest

Here are the complete details, as picked up from a listserv. Unusually, the competition has no entry fee....

The Nassau Review's 2012 Writer Awards

Submission Dates: Feb. 1 to Feb. 20, 2012

* $250 prize for flash fiction
* $250 prize for prose poetry
* Plus publication in the next issue of The Nassau Review
* Writers may submit ONE flash fiction piece of 100-500 words OR THREE prose poems no longer than one page each
* If you have already submitted during the open submission period, you may submit to the contest, but please do not submit the same piece.
* No entrance fee
* All pieces will also be considered for publication. While not all pieces will win, some may still be published.
* Electronic submissions only through our Submishmash system at the bottom of this page. Use the CONTEST category. Hard copy submissions will be recycled without review.
Visit http://www.ncc.edu/nassaureview for more information about the journal.

Include a cover letter in the Cover Letter/Bio box that includes:
* How you heard about The Nassau Review
* Title(s) of work(s) you are submitting. Include word count if prose.
* Bio of 100 words max.
* Links to your blogs or websites

Creative Prose:
* Send one flash fiction piece from 100 to 3000 words, double space Doc or docx—file name Last NameTitleofStory

* Send three prose poems of no more than one page each, single space Doc or docx—file name LastNamePoems; please use one file for all three poems with page breaks between each.
Members of the Nassau Community College community are not eligible to win these awards. Members of the NCC community include past and current staff, faculty, and administrators as well as current students. Alumni students are eligible. If you have questions about eligibility, emailnassaureview@ncc.edu with the email subject line: Contest Eligibility Query

Publication Rights: By submitting your work, you agree to have your work published in one issue of The Nassau Review as well as possibly on our website. You grant us first North American serial rights and the right to archive your work online for an indefinite period of time. You retain all other rights, which means you can republish the work in other journals (after one year from the date of publication in our journal), and you can republish it in or as your own book. Any subsequent publication of accepted work should note that you were first published in The Nassau Review. You are also welcome to create a link to us from your personal website.

If you have any other questions regarding submissions or the journal in general, please email: nassaureview@ncc.edu with the email subject line: Question About The Nassau Review

We reply within three months after the deadline. If you do not hear from us after three months after the deadline, you may and should query after your submission. Email Subject line: Query About CONTEST Submission. Failure to follow the guidelines will result in your submission not being read and you will not receive a response.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

An Online Anthology of Flash Fiction?

What are your favourite short-short stories online? I'd like to refer friends and students to them--and read them myself! Of course, there's Dave Eggers' series at The Guardian. What other treats are out there?