Friday, 9 October 2015

Sudden Prose Reprints: "The Knowing" by Kim Moore

The Knowing

The story goes that the light slipped past/and entered the room like a shout/he stood over me/a woodcutter entered the forest/and the trees began to warn each other/it was July or maybe June/the knowing settled at my throat/a clever raven/it never left/does not believe in trees or flying/the light slipping past/it is sometimes painful/to have a knowing at your throat/that clever raven/but better than the alternative/something small and bruised/the raven knows most things/it remembers nothing/this is really about the trees/which saw it all.

Kim Moore
The Art of Falling (Seren, 2015)

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Maggie How said...

Marvellous - as is the whole collection of course...