Friday, 11 July 2014

Sudden Prose Reprints: "Of Lucky Highrise Apartment 88" by Cathy Park Hong

"Adventures in Shangdu," from Engine Empire, is comprised of 17 prose poems. Here is the first one.

Of Lucky Highrise Apartment 88

The contractors were in a hurry to catch up with the rest of the world so they rushed off before they finished building Highrise 88. So here is my apartment without its last wall, gaping out to a panoramic view of Shangdu's river. Across the river, all the white-tiled factories hum anxiously. This hum of 2,000 factories can inspire or drive you mad. Yesterday, a drunk man and a suicide used 88's unencumbered views to fall to their deaths and now there are ads for new roommates. I am one of the few women who live alone in this building. My last roommate married as quickly as she moved in with me. I see her in the neighborhood, pregnant and gloating, with men who fetch her footstools.

You can learn more about Hong and her work from her website, and you can--and hopefully will--buy Engine Empire from Foyle's by following this link--it's 25% off at the time of posting!


Susie Campbell said...

Wow! This raised the hairs on my neck. Can't wait to read more and will definitely follow the link. Great to be introduced to this poet.

Maggie Sawkins said...

I love this too.

Vasiliki Albedo said...

Love all of her poems here, there is a directness in her voice which really pulls me in, and then she throws me with her clever leaps. Super.